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  • X-bionic Energy Accumulator Pants Kids Thermal Black Kids´ clothing,bionic gloves sale,No Sale Tax

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Warms you up when it gets cold. Cools you down when it gets warm. The Energy Accumulator Junior maintains optimum body temperature in all conditions. Whether for high-energy romping on the snow, exposed ski lifts or chilly training sessions at the skating rink. Thanks to its 3D-BionicSphere System, body temperature remains close to an optimum 37 °C.

The Norwegian National Ski Team – no stranger to cold conditions – also chooses X-bionic. The junior version has been specially designed to provide the perfect anatomical fit for kids. The result is optimal protection and support for children – whether in competitive sport or just for fun and games.


- 84%: NanoCore

- 10%: Polypropylene

- 6%: Elastane

- 84%: Polyamide

- 10%: Polypropylene

- 6%: Elastane



The knee hollow perspires quickly and heavily. A fine, circular knitted fabric has been incorporated there. Perspiration dissipates and is pushed outward with the aid of body warmth without the risk of chilling.


Enables targeted insulation of individual body parts from a cold environment to protect the body from freezing in winter. This is how the optimised ISO-Pads retain more body heat, which is necessary to guarantee internal organ function and protect body parts which are vulnerable to cooling.


The accordion principle behind the ExpansionKnee improves its insulating character rather than losing it when the knee is bent. A highly flexible system of chambers and channels provide insulation by storing warm air inside.

Improved Insulation Pads on the upper thigh

Assist in the retention of heat in the thighs. Under-cooled muscles are susceptible to injury, and highly under-cooled muscles can feel numb. Even more dangerous is when the cooling slows the muscle reaction time, leading to the increased threat of muscle injuries and risk of accidents. This increase can be as much as 60% in the case of skiing, for example. InsulationPads reduce such risks. Shaped like waves, their protection lies over a large surface of the most superfi cial thigh muscle, thereby retaining the necessary heat next to the body to maintain muscle performance.

X-bionic Partial Kompression

A new benchmark in compression technology. Partial Kompression by X-bionic utilises the advantages of compression without neglecting cooling.

(1) Pressure on ridges

Partial Kompression applies targeted pressure on 1mm wide ridges. Between the ridges are compression-free areas.

(2) Blood vessels and capillaries under the skin

Compression guaranteed improved oxygen and nutrient supply to the muscles. However, the blood circulation of the skin might be negatively affected by compression.

(3) Capillaries remain open

With Partial Kompression, the blood flow through veins and capillaries remain unimpeded in the compression-free areas.

(4) Cooling sweat

Moreover, sweat can remain on the skin and thus can cool the blood which in turn is the bodys cooling liquid.

Innerlap AirConditioningZone

The inner thighs are less reactive to the cold. Here, woven mesh with zero insulation function allows air to circulate and aids cooling as soon as you start to sweat.


Work like spacers and borders along the AirConditioning Channel® for effective air circulation.


Calf muscles can cool down quickly, particularly after short breaks and even if the body is still warm. This can lead to a risk of injury. The ISO-CalfPad retains the body‘s warmth.

X-Impact Technology

Better performance due to graduated compression that reduces muscle oscillations, supports muscles and joints and optimises nutrient supply.

HIGH.IMPACT (Energy Accumulator, Running/Bike Pants): Lies snugly against the body and reduces muscles vibrations and oscillations. Helps maintain a lower heart rate, supports stabilised blood pressure and rapid venous return of blood the heart for a good nutrient supply. Men’s and women’s models.

MID.IMPACT (Bionic Energizer, Running/Bike Shirts): Reduces muscle vibrations, supports muscles and joints. Optimises freedom of movement as well as simultaneously the circulation of blood, which improves nutrient supply to the muscles. Men’s and women’s models.

LOW.IMPACT (Bionic Vitalizer): Revitalises and saves energy through effective temperature regulation. Its comfortable fit llies close to the body without a tight fit. Bionic Vitalizer is extremely elastic. Men’s and women’s models.

If you are interested in X-bionic Energy Accumulator Pants Kids, you should know that it is in stock and offered at the best price. Kids´ clothing products from the brand X-bionic have the highest manufacturing quality. X-bionic is designing exclusive running & triathlon products that are tailored to the customers needs. So take a look through the offers available and buy your X-bionic Energy Accumulator Pants Kids today!

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